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Owner and Founder of The Maine Square Laura Michaud

Originally I had planned on relaunching The Maine Square on November 19th, 2019. But today I had an epiphany. What am I waiting for? So I decided to launch today, July 6th, 2019! I guess you could call it a soft launch....

Actually, I know what I was waiting for. I was waiting to get my website completely perfect for you before I launched. I was going to have a whole bunch of new and beautiful products ready for you to shop. But, I decided to be a rebel and not try to be so perfect, which is very difficult for me! So I decided to let you in to watch as I grow. As of right now, I have added some dignified leather goods by The Acadian, sterling silver anchor cuff links by Little Lavender Lobster, and Seawicks Candles to the online boutique. And of course I am still offering our handmade bow ties, traditional neckties, and pocket squares, as well fresh new handmade bandanas and our ever so popular Retro Ribbons. And there will be a ton more products offered in the upcoming weeks/months so you will want to check back frequently. 

The reality is that I need your support. The more you purchase from The Maine Square, the more I will be able to grow this brand/company. My goal is to open a bricks & mortar in November 2022. Will you please tell all of your friends who have a passion for fine handmade apparel and accessories that are designed and made in the USA to follow The Maine Square's journey? Click HERE to follow us on Facebook. Click HERE to follow us on Instagram. I cannot tell you how much your support means to me! 

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  • Susan Dantino on

    Congratulations! And please- more of The Acadian products!

  • Maria on

    Can’ wait to see what is coming. Love to support small businesses as well as made in America! I also like to support those who share Little Lavender Lobster products (just a little biased as Rachel is my niece)!

  • Blanche C Cumming on

    Thanks for sharing and updating us! After being self employed for 30 yrs. I can since your excitement and wish you the best, since you have a plan woman! Go for it!

  • Christopher P Smith on

    Hi Laura! Miss seeing you. I think this is a smart move …stay front burner in people’s minds that great stuff is on its way. Good for you, keep at it! Summer 🍸 to you!

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