Celebrate New England Winter In Style

Sometimes I feel like I am too old to model for my company. But today, I realized that my ideal customer is actually close to my age (46), has similar body image struggles and similar ideas when it comes to what we would like to see stores sell so that we can buy it!

Last week, I interviewed a few ladies to find out their frustrations when shopping for clothing in the Bangor, Maine, area. The ladies I interviewed were between the ages of 25 and 63, and I consider them fashion-forward. 

Some of the key things I learned are:
  • She prefers quality over quantity.
  • She shops because she is bored with her current wardrobe and feels that she needs a style update.
  • She is inspired to purchase a well-made piece statement piece from time to time.
  • She leans towards achieving a minimalist wardrobe.
  • Her style is mostly casual, but she still wants to look presentable and feel sexy and beautiful.
  • If there were a place to shop in the Bangor area that carried quality apparel at a reasonable price, she would choose to shop there instead of online. 
  • She values her local retail/apparel stores.
  • She enjoys a pleasant shopping experience that meets her pace. 
I was pleasantly surprised by some of the answers I received from some of these ladies. These match up with the type of customer I hope to serve when I open my boutique. A few didn't respond the way I had hoped, but I continue to remind myself that I cannot serve everyone, and that is not my intention. The reason for these interviews is for me to find out if there is a market in the Bangor, Maine area for what I want to build. So far, I would say, she is out there. 

In between Zoom interviews, I was inspired to purchase a couple of items from my company and take a walk with my camera and tripod in tow and show them off for you. It was such a cold yet beautiful day! A perfect day to celebrate New England winter in style. 

Classic New England fashion

Would you be willing to help me with some market research? I am looking for men and women who live in the Bangor, Maine area to hop on a 30 min or less Zoom call and answer 10 questions that pertain to your struggles with shopping for apparel. If you are interested in helping me with this project, please click HERE to schedule a time on my calendar. 

Shop the items seen in this post!   


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  • hi laura, I am older than your target group (72), but I, too, am frustrated with the availability of quality clothing and accessory choices currently available in the bangor area.
    I am not interested in doing a zoom call. I think you know me, and what I gravitate to, well enough that anything other than the interest in your plans, I convey in this message, would not be needed.
    good luck with your research and I will be one of the first through your door when you open your brick and mortar shop. mary ann

    Mary Ann Suarez

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