The Maine Square Continues To Evolve

Contemporary classic style

Photography by Rachel Epperly 

"I have evolved so much over the years, and so hasn't my brand. I feel that The Maine Square is slowly turning into a company vs. a brand. Every day I wonder if I should change my company's name from The Maine Square to something else. However, I can't bring myself to.

I initially named my brand after the men's pocket squares that I began making to teach myself how to sew. That turned into making bow ties and neckties. And that turned into making women's accessories such as cosmetic bags and hair accessories. Then, I began sewing actual clothing. Yes, I made myself a few wearable dresses, skirts, blouses, and even pants with a zipper front and pockets! I have always appreciated fine craftsmanship in clothing and accessories, but I never knew what exactly went into them until now. This type of hands-on learning will help me when it comes to buying clothing for my future boutique. I have thought about developing a clothing line, but I have decided that is not my expertise. My expertise evaluates clothing that other brands (people) make and determine what looks best on people depending on their shape (i.e., fashion stylist/customer service). In most cases, these are classic cut clothing and less trendy pieces. I say keep your accessories stylish and keep your clothing classic.

I have always wanted to open a clothing boutique ever since I can remember, but for some reason, I fell into the retail management world at a young age, and here I still am in it!

I would consider my 28 years in retail management my business education. I have learned a lot and continue to be curious and learn something every single day. I am now challenging myself even more by taking free online business courses when I come home from my day job. There is so much more to learn when it comes to starting your own business. There's a ton of planning involved. I can see why someone who isn't passionate enough would decide not to do it. Even when you are passionate, there is a possibility of failure. It's scary for sure! But what is even more terrifying to me is not trying. I have discovered that so many people out there are willing to help and answer questions and support my ideas. And I know that the process of opening a clothing boutique is not going to happen overnight if I want to do it right. I am willing to work for it and wait for it. Timing is everything. And I believe that my time will come.

Thank you for sticking with me through this process. And I understand entirely if The Maine Square is evolving into something you didn't sign up for. It's not for everyone. In the beginning, I made this brand for men, but now, it seems like it is more for women! I still offer ties and pocket squares at my online store and will continue to have a small offering for men when I open my physical location. My future vision is to offer equal amounts of men's and women's clothing and accessories at The Maine Square bricks and mortar boutique. Still, please understand that I must start small, and if the demand is there, I will most definitely expand my offerings. So guys, feel free to stick with me here, but I understand if you are out. I have a gut feeling the men will be back.

The future of The Maine Square may not offer just pocket squares. Still, it indeed will be your Maine SQUARE 4 walls of special stylist services and shopping for anyone who enjoys dressing in quality clothing with a contemporary vibe while incorporating a sense of practicality. I believe that it is possible for everyone to feel confident, beautiful/handsome, and comfortable every day as they head out their door into the world."

~Laura Michaud

CEO & Entrepreneur at The Maine Square

Classic contemporary style


  • I like “The Maine Square” the word square can mean so many different things and it keeps you connected to your dreams & hard work … love this

  • Love this post Laura and it’s awesome following your progress and evolution with The Maine Square

  • Great post Laura!
    Looking forward to shopping with you.

    Corey Zimmerman

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