The Secret Behind Simple Classic New England Style

Classic New England style fashion

Do you tend to overthink when it comes to styling yourself? Do you struggle with the amount of time you think you need to look fashionable? Trust us; there is no need for this type of frustration! There is an easy way to look stylish, and it doesn't require a professional to come to your closet every time you get dressed. 

At The Maine Square, our goal is to create simple style ideas for you. Many women and men have been misled to believe that they need to put a lot of time and effort into an outfit before they can walk out the door and present themselves to the world. Not true! The secret is to think simple and allow just one statement piece to work its way into your look. 

Here we have Lizzie, a perfect example of what simple and timeless classic style looks like. You could literally put Lizzie in any time period, and you wouldn't know what time period she is in! And that is the goal. If you look at her, you will only see one statement piece, which is her cute bucket hat by artist Erin Flett. The rest of her outfit is more or less plain and laid back. Her classic freshwater pearl earrings are a bit oversized, which puts a bit of prep in her look, which we always gravitate to here at The Maine Square.

Classic New England preppy fashion

Do you have questions about how to simplify your look? We are here for you! Please fill out our contact form by clicking HERE and be ready to hear back from us within 24-48 hours! 

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