Think Simple When It Comes To Style

Classic style

Photo by Aurora Hooper

 Do you sometimes feel like you overthink fashion? Do you spend way too much time just standing in your closet gazing into the abyss of never-ending clothes to find that you have nothing to wear? Don't worry, this is normal. 

However, this process is not necessary. All you need in your wardrobe are a few classic wardrobe staples, and you will never go wrong. 

We know how confusing fashion can be. At The Maine Square, we aim to help you live a less confusing life when styling your wardrobe. Notice that our model, Holly's look is quite simple, but somehow it makes a statement. She could have just worn the fisherman knit sweater, and she would have looked great. It's her accessories that tell us a little bit of a story about her personality. If she didn't accessorize, that would also tell us a story about her character, but it would probably be a different one. Fashion is what YOU make it. We recommend owning critical pieces like a great fisherman knit sweater and accessorize them with one or two items that show off your personality a bit. 


We feel that it is necessary to own a great fisherman knit sweater in cotton, wool, or a cotton and wool blend. Whatever one is more comfortable for you to wear is the one that you need. You may even want two of these beauties in your closet; one in heavier wool for blustery winter days and a lighter weight cotton version for spring, summer, and fall. We have a few to recommend to you! 

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